Delivery of PDF files for printing

Please send ready-for-press PDF/X-1a files including output intent of the appropriate color space of the used paper type.
We expect proofs made in compliance with ISO 12647-7 including an ‘Ugra/Fogra Media Wedge’.
In addition, image data must be converted to these proper color spaces.

Download the ICC-profile for your paper type, please.

Coated ISO Coated v2 300 eci J.Fink Druck - ICC-Profile
LWC Improved PSO LWC Improved eci
LWC Standard PSO LWC Standard eci
MFC Paper PSO MFC Paper eci
SC Paper SC Paper eci
Improved News Print PSO INP Paper eci
Standard News Print / Directory PSO SNP Paper eci
Uncoated white PSO Uncoated ISO12647 eci

We would appreciate it if you consult your key account manager in case of having concerns about PDF- or proof preparation.

Oberndorfer Druckerei - Data delivery guidelines Please download our technical guidelines to create printing data as PDF (100KB).

Manual online approval

J.Fink - Requirements providing address data for inkjet adressing Manual for InSite