Working succesfully means being ecologically successful too. Our commitment to being sensitive to and responsible for environmental issues remains one of our top priorities. In this sector, our actions speak for themselves: we’ve invested over 1,4 million Euros in afterburner facilities, which reduce non-toxic but offensive odour emissions to a minimum; we’ve installed special soundproof walls to protect our employees, as well as cultivated earthen walls with plants to guard our neighbours from noise pollution. In addition we employ an intelligent recycling process to fully utilise raw materials in the production of cardboard and corrugated paper, including the latest drying technology featuring a 60% reduction in CO2 emissions. Our commitment continues.


In summer 2006, an integrated dryer type Dual-Dry TNV 176-1980 with ERSplus has been installed. This Megtec technology in combination with their regenerative exhaust gas cleaner of type EP-SILON-CC-015, has a 60% reduced CO2 output compared to a non integrated Dual-Dry III 176-1980.