Oberndorfer Druckerei awarded with Austrian Ecolabel for highest quality standards, environmentally friendly and sustainable operations

On November 8, 2011, minister Niki Berlakovich awarded Oberndorfer Druckerei with the certificate for using the Austrian Ecolabel. Thus, Oberndorfer is certified and authorized to manufacture products with the Austrian Ecolabel. Under this aspect, the common requirements for environmental protection are voluntarily undercut.

The Austrian Ecolabel stands for high standards of living and ecology, clear and transparent information, high value, ecological politics in individual responsibility of companies and organizations, and collaboration on an advanced level with optimized service. From the printing paper, to chemical helper- and cleaning materials, and up to printing colors, all products are up to standards with the Austrian Ecolabel. To guarantee transparency, compliance with those standards is ensured by a impartial audit every 4 years.

The Austrian Ecolabel for products: a quality seal for high ecological standards, quality and product security

We have taken yet another step contributing towards a more livable environment!

Further information can be found at: www.umweltzeichen.at.