Oberndorfer Druckerei prints climate neutral

Information on climate neutral printing
The mechanism of climate neutrality offers the opportunity to use certificates from recognized climate protection projects to offset the emissions generated from creating print products. This provides you with a further building block for your organization’s sustainability efforts.

What is “climate neutral printing”?
Emissions calculations are performed according to international standards. Calculations encompass data specific to each order all the way from the forest to your production facility. In addition to the paper, aspects such as colors, printing plates, energy consumption in the print shop and all transport mediums are accounted for.
For each print order produced climate neutrally with ClimatePartner, you will re-ceive an individual certificate and a logo you can use to mark the print product. A unique number is issued that makes online tracking possible in order to discover which emissions have been incurred and which climate protection project has been used to offset them.
Climate protection projects are investments to create cleaner energy (like water energy, for example) or detain CO2 (such as forestation). They are financed by emission reduction certificates from emissions trading. Purchasing these certificates guarantees that a certain amount of CO2 will be spared.
In general, these are renewable energy projects that would not exist without emissions trading (additional principle). Climate neutral printing – calculating and compensating CO2 emissions – with ClimatePartner is certified by the German technical inspection authority (TÜV).

What are the advantages offered by climate neutral print products?
As a company with climate neutral print products, you are contributing to climate production, to securing the basis for the economy and to sustainable social pro-gress. This in combination with further measures in environment and climate pro-tection means you are cultivating a positive corporate image.

For further information: www.climatepartner.com